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What do Herbie Hancock, the Brecker Brothers, David Sanborn, Carlos Santana, Richard Bona and Chaka Khan all have in common? Master keyboardist, 4x Grammy-winner and Emmy-winner George Whitty has played and recorded with them all. George has been teaching jazz lessons online, as well as music production in Logic, for years via Skype. Learn to play jazz from the best, from anywhere in the world!

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The Boston System

Built on the principles taught in Boston, George’s Skype jazz lessons form a clearly designed SYSTEM to help you learn to play jazz piano. We study jazz concepts such as scales and modes (and why master jazz musicians DON’T use the “modes”!), chord progressions, jazz chord voicings, and how to play jazz with a great feel, and you’ll learn jazz theory that is VERY different than 90% of what’s “out there”, taking the shortcut to understanding how to play jazz beautifully!

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Written Supplements & Custom Play-Along Tracks

Scores of scores! PDFs of essential information clarify the concepts we’re talking about in the lessons, and 100s of grooving play-along tracks in jazz, funk, and latin styles energize your practicing



I’m a keyboardist by trade, but I teach improvisation on all instruments; in fact, I learned most of what I use from a saxophonist! I teach jazz theory that EVERY instrumentalist can use; learn jazz piano, study jazz saxophone, or learn jazz guitar. And you’ll learn jazz concepts that are applicable to a wide variety of styles: from straight-ahead swinging jazz to funk, R & B and “fusion” styles, these improvisational concepts cover it all!



If you’d like to study music production, orchestration, learn to use Logic, explore synthesizer technique, mixing, arranging…I am a true believer in seeing all the angles as a musician. Several of my students taking music production lessons are close to finishing their first CDs!

About George

25 years playing with the brightest stars in music
4 Grammies. 2014 Emmy. Brecker. Hancock. Santana. Sanborn. Chaka Khan. Bona.

Grammy-award winning keyboardist George Whitty has spent 25 years playing on the road with the Brecker Brothers, David Sanborn, Richard Bona, Chaka Khan, Sadao Watanabe, and a dozen others, and his resume as a session musician includes some of the best-selling records of all time: Santana's "Supernatural" (with Dave Matthews), Celine Dion's "Falling Into You" and "These are Special Times", and more than 100 other CDs. As a producer/keyboardist, his Grammy-winning streak began with Chaka Khan's "The Woman I Am" in 1992 and extends through 3 award-winning releases with the Brecker Brothers, most recently Randy Brecker's "34th and Lex", a Grammy-winner for Contemporary Jazz Record of the Year, which George produced and mixed. In April 2010, he completed work on several tracks for Herbie Hancock's CD "The Imagine Project", programming Herbie’s live rig for the tour as well. In August, 2014, George joined Herbie, Wayne Shorter, Carlos Santana, and Marcus Miller playing at the Hollywood Bowl for the “Concert for Peace”.

On the road, George has played with the Brecker Brothers (1992 - 2000), David Sanborn (1998 - 2014), Richard Bona, Sadao Watanabe, and 14 years and counting with CMD and the Nomads

George's resume in jazz instruction features hundreds of workshops and clinics around the world, and thousands of private lessons and music lessons via Skype. His approach to learning to play jazz is distilled from decades as a music instructor and 25 years playing on the road with some of the most intense musicians of our time. He is the author of several instructional articles on how to play jazz, featured in Keyboard magazine

Whether you're just starting to study jazz or are already a skilled player, George's logical, progressive approach to learning improvisation will take you higher quickly. Supplemented by hundreds of custom play-along tracks and a large archive of PDF written material, this is a comprehensive, carefully thought-out way to learn jazz from an in-demand expert in jazz education!

How do music lessons on skype work?

It's quite easy to learn jazz online! We connect via either Skype or FaceTime (if you haven’t used either, we’ll get you set up!). The mic built into your computer or portable device works fine for me to hear you as we learn improvisation. We simply start a session, and from there it's very much the same as taking a jazz lesson in person. I’ll send you PDFs with any information you might need, such as jazz scales, chord voicings, songs to work on, and “tricks of the trade”, as well as play-along tracks for whatever the topic is that week.
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